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My name is Blair and I work as a Park Ranger with local government in Victoria. I grew up in rural Western Australia, spending most my youth running through the Jarrah bushland, before deciding to embark on other worldly pursuits. I have since returned to working on the land and have spent the last 10 or so years working in environmental conservation and park management.

In 2018 the nest box inspection camera I was using for my work decided to retire. I looked online for a replacement, asked around locally and tested a few cameras that were available at the time. Being pretty unsatisfied with both the image quality and price of suitable cameras, I decided to design one myself.

It has been an evolving process over the past three years and I believe I am now at a place where I can feel satisfied with both the price and image quality of my latest camera, the Arborcam Mk3.

The Mk3 camera is a world away from the old unit I was using and I believe it offers better image quality and value for money than anything currently available.

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